Doing It Together

If elected, here are examples of what we can work on together in introducing, advocating, promoting, encouraging, etc. through joint collective and collaborative efforts between the residents of Ward 2, the City of Waterloo, and the Region as applicable. In this regard, I have creative and innovative ideas to discuss and develop together including, but not limited to:
Youth Empowering, Community Well-being, and Multiculturalism
For example projects/programs like: Community Swimming Pools, Cultural-based Events, Youth Sports & Competitions, Proactive Community Engagement, Water Fountains & Seating Benches along Trails & Sidewalks.
Affordable Housing and helping Low income families
Support Affordable Housing Initiatives, Invest in the potential opportunities, and Explore Alternative Funding Sources/Resources.
Transportation, busing, and Cycling
Re-consider Resorting to the Speed limit 40Km/h, Improving Schedules and Routes of Buses # 13, 29, and 31 (Increase Bus Trips within Peak periods, Extend Bus Lines to Laurelwood St. and end of Vista Hill), Build more Bus Shelters, Improve Pavement of Damaged Roads
smart city
Sustainability and Smart Community
Promote the use of Lead Certification to improve the Performance of the Current Buildings, Encourage Lead Certification for New Buildings and Developments, Encourage the utilization of AI-based systems/services at all levels, and Promote Community-Based Recycling Programs and Projects.
Public and Private Partnership
Promote more Active & Wider Partnerships between Schools, Universities, Research Centers, Financial Institutions, and Private Sectors, Involve the Private Sector and Community-Based Organizations more in Infrastructure and Services projects in terms of Planning, Funding, and Implementation.
canada leaf
Preserving Green Spaces & Cultural Heritage
Initiate Historical & Heritage Preservation Project for Ward 2 Landmarks, and in Partnership with GRCA, Initiate a development project for Laurelwood Conservation Area (LCA) to become a more attractive touring attraction.
no parking
Streets and Parking
Upgrade Street Lights with LED lights for better Night Vision and Energy Saving, Plant more Trees and Replace Missing Ones, Improve Snow Blowing/Removal Capacities, Consider Extending Street Free Parking Permits Periods for One Car per Household, Work on a By-Law Amendment to Allow Additional Cars for a Single Car Driveways.
clean energy
Environment & Clean Energy
Encouraging the Use of Environmentally Friendly Alternative for De-Icing on Sidewalks, Driveways, and Parking Lots, Promote the Use of Solar Energy and Other Renewable Sources in Homes, Businesses, and Institutional Buildings, and Build more EV Charging Stations in Public Spaces.