30+ Year Journey

All residents of Ward 2 who believe in how we can all benefit the neighborhood and the city at large shall come forward and present themselves and their ideas. This is exactly what I am doing.

I carry 4 university degrees: BSc. in Architecture & Urban Planning, MSc. in Engineering Management, Master of Public Services with a focus on policy development and analysis (UW), and Ph.D. in Infrastructure & Construction Management (UW).

I want to share my 30+ years of experience that covers Public Service engagements, being a business owner in different sectors, running my own professional practice, engaging in academia, NGOs, and more. I named my company Can-Connect Developments Inc. in order to connect all of these different credentials and time-acquired experiences in a holistic manner.

Below is my resume that summarizes my professional, public service, skills, and other credentials.
resume thumbnail

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